Welcome to PuzzleHunt3 administration console


          Campus Guide — an interactive scavenger hunt application— is developed for University students and the administration staff.

It is common that a University campus could span over thousands hectares encompassing and more than hundreds buildings and can be a daunting experience to navigate for new students making Campus Guide an ideal activity.

Built over Maps, students using the app will be able to find the POIs on the campus on the lookout for special QR codes. Once they scan the code, they have a task to complete which provides the student with a fun interactive learning exercise.

Besides the codes, the app also provides students with different kinds of questions such as multiple choices and true or false that asking about the POIs detail information in order to highlight any special or interesting features, so that students are able to remember them since they find the answers by themselves!

The app also enables students to take notes for any specific facilities or amenities, so that the admin will be able to view these comments.

Enjoy your orientation, and your imminent colourful University lifestyle!


For any support issues, please contact CSIT Department @ La Trobe University via Email: C.Tao@latrobe.edu.au